Cafetalera Nica-France

Cafetalera Nica-France is a Nicaraguan agroforestry company specialized in the production of high quality shade-grown coffee and timber for high-end applications. Cafetalera Nica-France owns a large independent coffee farm (La Cumplida) of over 1’500 hectares, of which 660 hectares is coffee plantations under tree shade.

Moringa financing in January 2015 includes the development of an outgrower-program targeting small and medium-sized farms in the Matagalpa region to create a premium coffee production cluster for international high-end roasters. The outgrower program focuses on farms that have been affected by the 2012 outbreak of coffee leaf rust as well as global warming and aims at rehabilitating 2’000 hectares of degraded land.

Nica-France implements in its outgrower farms a 5-year full renovation program through agroforestry state-of-the-art techniques and specific high-yield rust-tolerant coffee varieties developed by CIRAD and ECOM. Nica- France specialty coffee is certifed UTZ, RainForest Alliance and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

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Tolaro Global

Tolaro Global is the leading cashew processing company in Benin. Tolaro collects cashew among local farmers and produces kernel of higher quality, Benin cashew nuts receiving a premium thanks to their sweeter taste and white color.

The company is showing historical and strong commitment to sustainability and local development issues. First a development project of the NGO “Project for Progress”, Tolaro is now sourcing Fair Trade labelled and organic certified cashew nuts from a sound outgrower program, providing best agroforestry land management training, yield improvements, women empowerment and farm diversification.

Since January 2017, Moringa is financing the up- scaling of primary processing along with a larger outgrower program and the construction of a roasting, seasoning and packaging facility to produce the first roasted cashew nut 100% made in West Africa.

When 90% of West Africa cashew crops are exported to be processed away, mainly in Asia, Tolaro development aims at integrating furthermore the regional industry and Beninese smallholders in the cashew nut value chain.

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TexBel is a coconut water and citrus company in Belize founded in 2013 owning three farms in Belize (1’214 hectares). TexBel is one of the largest producer of Valencia oranges and White Marsh grapefruits in Belize and also the first Belizean company to have obtained the Global GAP certification for its citrus, a sustainable agriculture and quality label qualifying its products for export.

Through a coconut and lime intercropped agroforestry model, TexBel is renovating degraded citrus orchards affected by the citrus greening disease (HLB disease), a major threat for Belize rural communities and important citrus industry. Since August 2016, Moringa is financing the development of TexBel own processing facility using innovative processes (High Pressure Processing) to export value-added fresh products, including coconut water.

By becoming the first large-scale coconut water processing facility in Belize, Texbel will source coconuts from a significant number of smallholders and deploy an outgrower program. TexBel is offering a fair price to farmers and encouraging an innovative and sustainable lime/coconut agroforestry model, helping farmers better cope with HLB severe issue and renovate their orchards.


Live Love Well – Asante

Live Love Well is a fully integrated grower, producer and brand owner of premium quality organic moringa powder, leaves and oil (Moringa Oleifera).

Live Love Well was established in 2018 in Ukunda, South Coast in Kenya with the aim to ignite and accelerate sustainable business in Africa, create job opportunities and support smallholder farmers. Live Love Well has developed a strong network of outgrowers alongside their own nucleus farms.

Asante recently joined Live Love Well to develop their activities.