Agroforestry Technical Assistance Facility

Boost, upscale and replicate impact

The Agroforestry Technical Assistance Facility (ATAF) was created by Moringa Partnership to provide technical assistance in relation to investments of the Fund with the goal to amplify and upscale positive environmental and social impacts triggered through Moringa investments. ATAF is a grant based mechanism parallel to the investment of the Moringa Fund.

ATAF’s vision is to become  an unique and innovative tool to remove the barriers to the development of viable agroforestry systems and the inclusion of smallholders in pioneering outgrowing scheme.

By providing farmers with access to training, supporting innovative research and development programs and by assisting commercial initiatives, ATAF will create an enabling environment to increase the resilience of farmers and landscapes in Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa.

ATAF supports

Capacity building of the investees, outgrowers and other smallholder farmers and vulnerable communities located in the vicinity of the operation area;

Studies to foster the valorisation of new products or by-products that improve revenue diversification and encourage circular economy;

Studies and demonstration plots to increase knowledge, adapt agroforestry models and disseminate agroforestry amongst producers;

Support activities to comply with Moringa’s Environmental Social Governance Management Standards.

Impact of ATAF projects will be monitored at the end of each project.

Governance and Donors of ATAF


First closing in 2017 : USD 2.8m

Moringa and its portfolio companies also contribute to financing the ATAF projects

ATAF Manager

Day-to-day financial and operational management

in consultation with all the ATAF stakeholders and Moringa Partnership.

ATAF Commitee

Approves all ATAF project proposals and gives advice regarding all matters relating to ATAF activities.

ATAF Projects


PROJECTS, EUR 897.377,
All moringa investees are supported by ATAF

Implementation and monitoring following all donors requirements

Projects granted

ATAF operational guidelines