Moringa promotes an integrated landscape approach of investment, advancing continual learning, adaptive management, awareness of multiple scales issues and interactions, landscape multifunctionality, participatory approach and joint company/community value creation. Through the development of outgrowing schemes, Moringa intends to strengthen stakeholder capabilities and increase landscape and farmers’ resilience.

Agroforestry is seen as a catalyst for creating shared value among an integrated value chain and a means to create socio-economic synergies and enhance livelihoods alongside with climate change mitigation and adaptation.

This holistic approach appears as a new way of financing landscape – an approach that was lacking before – bringing different actors together and leading to inclusive value chains and triple win impacts. Main focuses of Moringa’s investments contribute to the achievement of 10 of the SDGs.


Theory of change



Impacts targets

Jobs created


Land restored

25'000 ha

Farmers impacted


Money injected

into local economy