Submission & Selection process for focused financing solutions

Moringa offers financing solutions to companies operating or developing agroforestry farming for sustainable high-yields agriculture and forestry.

Early-stage and development-stage companies across sub-saharan Africa and Latin America enter our investment scope when meeting the following criteria:

  • Clear national and/or international market demand for products;
  • Yield-performing agroforestry farming model for diversified crops and/or timber;
  • Potential to achieve significant scale, including through outgrowers partners;
  • Profitable business ambition and perspective;
  • Commitment to environmental and social performance;
  • Business inclusive – alignment of interest of all stakeholders;
  • Jointly designed and anticipated exit for financial investors.

Examples of proven successful agroforestry profitable farming include:

  • Permanent crops (coffee, cocoa, tea, etc.) under tree shade;
  • Timber plantations with sequential agroforestry;
  • Orchards (fruit and nut trees) with crops;
  • Sylvopastoralism combining livestock with trees.


Submit your financing

Entrepreneurs and companies’ managers are welcome to submit their financing request for development by posting a business plan summary at

Selection path