Agroforestry will become a central element in the global response to the growing demand for sustainable agricultural and timber products. Agroforestry also counters global warming by planting trees, conserves biodiversity by its inherent diversity and alleviates poverty by providing opportunities to local communities.

It exploits biological synergies between trees and crops or livestock to produce better land management, higher productivity, higher and more sustainable incomes for local populations, reduced project risks and positive environmental and social impacts.

Moringa’s vision is to provide financial returns for its investors and for local communities while contributing to building environmental and social resilience of land-use.

Agroforestry provides a profitable alternative to the unsustainable land use practices which drive deforestation. Compared with these practices, well-designed and well-managed agroforestry projects provide:

  • better risk mitigation in the short and long term;
  • higher profitability in the long term.