Asante is both a Kenyan tropical tree plantation business producing veneer and briquettes and an agri business producing ginger and Moringa for food and essential oil raw material supplier. Social benefits are at the center of Asante operations which provide a business solution to rural farmers and commercialize sustainable and ethically-sourced products.

Asante has 180 hectares of land owned, a 225 farmers outgrower program as well as an agricultural and social program (the Kinango project) in collaboration with the Kenya Forestry Research Institute and the Kwale County Government to improve farmers lands productivity. Asante has developed an innovative land bank system to reforest underutilized community lands in Kenya, turning them in efficent production tools through agroforestry land management while sharing benefits with the communities.

Since March 2017, Moringa is financing the deployment of this community land bank mechanism, the extension of the outgrower scheme and Asante venture development : enhancement of ginger & moringa producing farms, plantation of Eucalyptus tree woodlots for sustainable and legal wood products, construction of plants to produce veneer processed wood and construction of a biomass factory.