Tolaro Global

Tolaro Global is the leading cashew processing company in Benin. Tolaro collects cashew among local farmers and produces kernel of higher quality, Benin cashew nuts receiving a premium thanks to their sweeter taste and white color.

The company is showing historical and strong commitment to sustainability and local development issues. First a development project of the NGO “Project for Progress”, Tolaro is now sourcing Fair Trade labelled and organic certified cashew nuts from a sound outgrower program, providing best agroforestry land management training, yield improvements, women empowerment and farm diversification.

Since January 2017, Moringa is financing the up- scaling of primary processing along with a larger outgrower program and the construction of a roasting, seasoning and packaging facility to produce the first roasted cashew nut 100% made in West Africa.

When 90% of West Africa cashew crops are exported to be processed away, mainly in Asia, Tolaro development aims at integrating furthermore the regional industry and Beninese smallholders in the cashew nut value chain.

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