Jus Délice

Jus Délice is a Togolese company created in 2017 to build a juice processing plant in Togo supplied by a large network of organic producers who traditionally cultivate pineapples and other tropical fruits in small plots. Developed in 2012 by the leading Togolese organic exporter, Label d’Or, Jus Délice’s strong outgrower network gathers today more than 500 farmers organized in cooperatives and applying agroecological practices. The ambition of Jus Délice is to become a leader and market reference of organic juice production in the region.

Togo offers suitable conditions for organic pineapple production, ensuring consistent high quality supply almost all year round. The Togolese traditional pineapple variety “Sugarloaf” offers valuable taste attributes, differing from the conventional pineapple varieties, and Jus Délice plans to export its premium-quality and organic pure pineapple juice to Europe, the largest market for pineapple juice (50% of the global consumption).

The annual Togolese pineapple production amounts to 600’000 tons, mostly produced by smallholders who are not always able to reach markets for their fresh fruits. Jus Délice’s partner, Label d’Or, supports farmers to get organic certification for their fresh fruits and brings them technical assistance while Jus Délice enhances farmers agroforestry practices and offers them a reliable outlet, thus adding value to the significant Togolese pineapple production in the maritime region.

The Moringa investment is dedicated to build the juice processing unit, further develop the outgrower network with Label d’Or and enhance agroforestry models thanks to the dedicated team which provides technical assistance to producers.